Would you like to volunteer?

  • NEW ONLINE VOLUNTEER, ORIENTATION & REFRESHER TRAINING – 8:30 am: We ask first-time volunteers to join us for a lesson on how to fill out the N400 citizenship application form and give and overview of the services and materials we’ll be handing out at the front desk.
    • Those who’ve done this before and want a refresher, or new volunteers who want a preview, please watch the online training for citizenship forms (here).
  • SCHEDULE – ON THE DAY: We start appointments at 9:00 am and stop taking in new applications after 1:30 or 2:00 so we can finish in time for the marketplace’s closing. We love people to stay the whole time, but a shorter amount of time is OK too.
    • You need to be detail-oriented, good with paperwork, have legible handwriting and willing to accept instruction from the immigration professionals amongst us.
    • You do not need to speak another language, but we appreciate all bilingual volunteers. Not all applicants speak Spanish, but many at the Oxnard  College Swap meet do. We will team up volunteers to best help each applicant.
    • You do not need to be a lawyer. You will be trained to fill in the required paperwork, and a lawyer checks all our work.
    • You do not need to be a citizen or an adult. Motivated teenagers would be most welcome.
    • You do need to be patient, kind and willing to smile. Sometime the forms take a couple of hours to get through, even with a couple of volunteers working on them together.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any volunteers services offered.
    • Fills out forms for applicants with a partner to help, hands out flyers to passersby, mans the front desk, eats snacks and checks out the food trucks. ALL FORMS ARE CHECKED OVER BY A LAWYER OR ACCREDITED REP UPON COMPLETION!!!
  • CAVEATS: Our focus is to help immigrants and this must be the motivation for our volunteers as well. We retain the right to respectfully decline the services of any potential volunteer.
  • COVID REQUIREMENTS: COVID is increasing in CA again, so please wear a mask to ensure the safety of our clients and fellow volunteers.
  • NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse services of any volunteer.