Family Resources

(Note: Not all resources are available every month due to staff resources or illness.)

  • Special on-site mini-classes
  • Health Care Resources
  • Legal Resources
  • Developmental Disability Resources
  • Community Support Resources
  • Citizenship Fair

Health Care Resources

COVID 19 Vaccinations – Ventura County Public Health


  • No Appointments – First come, first served
  • Bring a form of documentation with your name on it. You do not need a government-issued ID to receive a vaccine. Undocumented individuals are eligible to receive a vaccine regardless of their immigration status.
  • Minors 12-15 need to be with a parent. 16-17 year olds need signed consent form ( or video call with parents
  • The V.C. Area Agency on Aging provides transportation services for older adults who have already scheduled an appointment for COVID-19 testing or vaccine, call 805-477-7300 to schedule.
  • More information

Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Screening – Westminster Free Clinic – Oxnard

Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Screening, no appointment necessary!

Learn more about this organization here:

WFC’s mission is to strengthen the ability of Ventura County’s uninsured working poor and their families to prosper by providing free health care and health support services, meeting their immediate needs, and serving as a training site. for students to explore careers in health care.

The Westminster Free Clinic is 100% free.

The clinic is first come first serve, providing access to health care to over 100 patients on Wednesday nights starting at 5 pm in Thousand Oaks (United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks, 1000 East Janss Road) and Tuesday nights at 5 pm in Oxnard (St. Paul’s Methodist Church, 1800 South C Street). We do not take patients with Medi-Cal, medicare, or other insurance programs.”

County of Ventura Health Care Agency

Providing comprehensive, cost-effective, compassionate health care for our diverse community. Our departments (Public Health, Behavioral Health, VC Medical Center/Santa Paula Hospital, Ambulatory Care, VC Health Care Plan) offer a variety of services and programs for all members of the community. (

Medi-CAL applications – Interface Children and Family Services

Interface Children and Family Services will be assisting people with filling out MediCal applications and answering questions about the program. (

Substance Use Treatment Services – Ventura County Behavioral Health

(VCBH) Anyone can get addicted. People from all backgrounds can experience addiction. Addiction doesn’t care how old you are, how much money you make, or the color of your skin; it has no bias. When drugs or alcohol are used so often that they have significant negative effects on your life, this is called a substance use disorder.*
 Has substance use led to you or someone you know…

  • Being out of work and couch surfing?
  • Doing poorly in school?
  • Crashing a car?
  • Coping with mental illness by self-medicating?
  • Risking losing custody of children?

Come and ask your questions about their continuum of care for substance use problems, with six locations and a wide range of treatment options for achieving and maintaining recovery. 

Ventura County Human Services Agency

The Ventura County Human Services Agency offers information at the fair on MEDI-CAL, CalFRESH, CalWORKs, and free VITA TAX Preparation Assistance flyers and other information. See their entire list of services here.

Mental Health services – Logrando Bienestar – Ventura County Behavorial Health:

Logrando Bienestar is a valuable resource to families and individuals who seek assistance to access mental health services. Bilingual and trilingual staff is ready to assist 805-973-5220.

Logrando Bienestar is a program of Ventura County Behavioral Health designed to help the Latino community understand the importance of mental and emotional health, with the goal to help individuals to access services for a productive and healthy lifestyle. Logrando Bienestar is a program that was developed to walk you through the process of getting well. We are determined to find you the assistance that you may need to continue being productive parents, siblings, children, friends or spouses. The program services youth and adults in Ventura County.

Mental and Emotional Health – Promotoras y Promotores Foundation

Promotoras Y Promotores Foundation provides free emotional support to the Latino population with support groups and one-on-one assisting persons that are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or feelings they don’t understand. When they are ready, if needed refer them to VCBH for further emotional health.

Gold Coast Health Plan – Ventura County Health Care Plan

( “Compassionate care, accessible to all, for a healthy community.” Come by, talk with us and ask your questions!


Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)
The purpose of HICAP is to provide free unbiased counseling and community education on Medicare A, B, C, & D. HICAP completes comparisons on all products of C & D, retiree/employer Group vs. Medicare. HICAP resolves billing issues, and helps apply for appeals.  HICAP’s speaker bureau gives presentations on Medicare 101, Prevention Services, Long Term Care, on all aspects of Medicare products, and on Medicare changes for the new year. HICAP gives advice regarding healthcare insurance options for those contemplating retirement. (

Legal Resources

Immigration law

Immigration professionals at Swap Meet Justice answer status questions and check application forms prepared by trained community volunteers for:

  • Citizenship,
  • Green cards/Legal Permanent residency
  • DACA
  • Voter registration
  • Fee reductions forms for to USCIS

See for more details.

Power of Attorney Forms

Offering assistance with financial Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives

Labor and Employment Law

  • Our services are free.  

Labor and Employment Law

Do you have questions about your job or place of employment?

Talk to local Workers’ Rights Lawyer Xavier Villegas.  At the Swap Meet Justice event only, you may receive pro bono (free) guidance and assistance with filing a wage claim with the Labor Commissioner and/or a complaint for wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, or harassment with the California Civil Rights Department (formerly known as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing). 

Law Office of Xavier Villegas, APC (

Employment Law

 Do you know your rights as an employee? Attorney Griselda Rodriguez will be available to answer your questions. (

Consumer Protection Law (debtor’s rights)

Attorney Sparky Abraham of Jubilee Legal will provide legal advice and assistance with debt and credit including:

  • debt collector harassment,
  • credit report errors,
  • identity theft,
  • student debt assistance,
  • Medical debt relief,
  • foreclosure assistance,
  • utility debt relief and
  • property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

Estate Law

Rennee R. Dehesa is an attorney focused on helping individuals and families plan for life events such as incapacity and death by providing legal documents and advice to assist them and their families care for them and transition their legacy to the next generation. She assists with living trusts, wills, powers of attorney and management of estates.(

Expungement Clinic – Ventura County Public Defender

Volunteer attorneys from the Ventura County Public Defender’s office will be joining us to help with misdemeanor expungement and to answer questions on clearing records for both felonies and misdemeanors. Since there a lot of FAQ’s for this resource, we made a separate event listing here: (Expungements explained)

Prevent Immigration Fraud

Many undocumented families fall victim to immigration fraud by “notarios”, unlicensed immigration “consultants” known for scamming people. Notarios are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. Promotoras Por Justicia Migratoria supports local families with community resources. (

Ventura County Department of Child Support Services

We can help with:

  • Opening a child support case
  • Status of child support case
  • Changing the amount of your support order
  • Debt Reduction Program
  • Case balance inquiry
  • Enforcement concerns


A collaborative team from more than 40 public agencies and community-based organizations and volunteers dedicated to working together to help reduce trauma, eliminate repeat victimization, mitigate future risks, and make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of those we serve and their families.

All too often, those facing violence or abuse suffer in silence as fear, confusion and lack of access discourage them from getting much-needed help and support. Ventura County FJC simplifies this overwhelming process by providing a caring, safe environment where victims and their families can access the comprehensive resources they need to recover, heal and break the cycle of violence. All Ventura County FJC services are offered free of charge.

Through our welcoming community and comprehensive, holistic services that focus on the whole person, Ventura County FJC empowers and supports survivors of all ages and their families.

Farmworker resources

Agricultural Labor Relations Board

At the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) we focus exclusively on agricultural workplaces, and we uphold farmworkers’ rights to come together and advocate for better working conditions, whether it be their right to have a mask, better wages, breaks, safe working conditions, or whether they want union representation, without facing retaliation. We investigate unfair labor practices and when we find a violation, we work to obtain solutions for workers such as lost wages, reinstatement to their job and informing other workers about their rights.   

  • These rights exist for all farmworkers, regardless of immigration status.  
  • We also provide farmworkers with information and referrals to needed resources for issues related to their workplace.  If you have questions or need help, you can anonymously call our hotline at 1-800-449-3699, or visit one of our five office locations.  
  • Interpretation is available in multiple languages 

Ventura County Farmwork Resource Program

The goals of the Farmworker Resource Program include building trust and relationships with farmworkers, promoting and enhancing the reputation of the agricultural industry in Ventura County, attracting farmworkers to Ventura County as a first-choice destination to work in agriculture, advising farmworkers of existing labor laws protecting them, and assisting farmworkers in navigating public agencies and seeking resolutions to workplace issues. (

Developmental Disability Resources

Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC)

Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) provides person and family-centered supports for individuals with developmental disabilities to maximize opportunities and choices for living, working, learning, and recreating in the community. TCRC provides supports and services for individuals with developmental disabilities living in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

Disability Rights CA (DRC)

(Note, will not be attending in September) Disability Rights California (DRC) defends, advances, and strengthens the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities. In order to be effective advocates for all people with disabilities, we must address discrimination in all its forms, including the unique challenges faced by people who experience the intersection of multiple systems of discrimination.

State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Californians with developmental disabilities are guaranteed the same full and equal opportunities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as all Americans. The State Council on Developmental Disabilities advocates, promotes and implements policies and practices that achieve self-determination, independence, productivity and inclusion in all aspects of community life for Californians with developmental disabilities and their families.

Community Support Resources



“UFW Foundation will offer memberships on site, text message sign-up for alerts on events, assistance, and other resources, COVID-19 resources, and DACA renewal appointment registry to receive $495 filing fee assistance. Masks and hand sanitizers will also be distributed.” (


Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project: Now in Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, this organization to support, organize and empower indigenous migrant communities.

We envision a strong indigenous immigrant community actively engaged to achieve just working and living conditions, equality, and full human rights in the broader community.


CAUSE will be passing out resources on SB114, supplemental paid sick leave for COVID-19 reasons, sharing information on housing aid, and having conversations on how you can start to advocate for our community in Oxnard. Learn more at


The mission of the Dream Resource Center at Oxnard College is to support Undocumented Students and their families. The center is a welcoming, safe place for undocumented students.

Center for Employment Training

For over 50 years, Center for Employment Training has provided quality job training services to support the success and self-sufficiency of our students, including:

  • Technical Trades
    HVAC Specialist, Electrician (Residential & General), Welding Fabrication, and more
  • Construction & Building Maintenance
    Green Building Construction Skills, Building Maintenance, and more
  • Truck Driving & Logistics
    Truck Driver
  • Medical
    Medical Assistant, Health Information Technology, and more
  • Business
    Accounting Clerk, Business Office Administration, and more
  • Childcare
    Early Childhood Teacher Assistant
  • Culinary
    Culinary Arts, The Craft of Baking

Ventura Tenants’ Union

Our mission is to strengthen tenants’ political power by educating and advocating amongst tenants themselves./ Nuestra misión es fortalecer el poder político de los y las inquilinas educando y abogando con las propias inquilinos/as.(


CFROG defends local communities and wild places from the impacts of oil and gas extraction./ CFROG defiende a las comunidades locales y los lugares salvajes de los impactos de la extracción de petróleo y gas. (


805 UndocuFund will be sharing information on disaster preparedness.

We also mobilize resources when disaster hits to undocumented residents and advocate for long-term systems change to ensure they are effectively included in disaster planning, preparedness, response, and recovery.

We envision a future where undocumented individuals and families have equitable access to resources to rebuild their lives with dignity after disaster.